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Perception Web Solutions

Tucson Website Design

Perception Web Solutions is a local Tucson, Arizona business providing web based solutions for small businesses, organizations, and individuals in Arizona and the world. We are committed to creating accessible websites with standards compliant, secure code. Once your site is built, we offer continued, reliable services to help you maintain and improve your website. See our features below.

Why choose PWS?

Unique design

Get a custom design tailored to effectively present your company or organization to your target market.

Browser Testing

We make sure your website displays correctly in the most popular browsers including MS Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari.

Free Features

All of our website packages include a free contact form to protect your email address from spammers and a site map for better search engine access.

Website packages also include custom error pages with user-understandable error messages to give your site a professional appearance and help visitors navigate your site more easily.

Spam Reduction

We include a free contact form with our website packages so that you will not have to publish your email address on your website. Spambots read your website too and will harvest email addresses if they find them. Javascript encryption is not adequate protection either. That's why we make a secure contact form part of each website package. See our article on avoiding spam.

CSS Navigation

Many Internet users disable Javascript in their browsers for security reasons or to protect their privacy from tracking services installed on many websites. Websites that rely on Javascript dropdown menus force visitors to lower their security in order to navigate the site. In addition, search engines are often unable to interpret Javascript and may not be able to index parts of your site leading to poor rankings in Yahoo! and Google. CSS based dropdown menus use standard HTML links that are accessible to all users, both human and search engines.


To improve compatibility with future standards compliant browser releases, PWS web pages are coded in XHTML and tested for standards compliance. This also improves accessibility for visually impaired visitors using text browsers.

Getting Started

If you are new to setting up a website see our Getting Online section.

To get started contact us here.